Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor from 11/4/09

We had such a fun time at our November activity making holiday journals. Everyone was able to sit around and talk to each other and build friendships. Here are some photos of the cute displays the RS meeting committee came up with.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Kristina Woodbury made these cute and super easy place cards with leaves and rubons.

Camille Smith made the cute tags you see inside the bowl. Julie Hunt put together the cute cornucopia at the upper left with sugar cones and candy.

These adorable place cards were made by Korine Cardona.

Jeanne Faucheux made these cute little place holders with terra cotta pots painted to look like candy corn. These would be so cute on a kid's table--and probably not unappreciated at the adults' table, too.

Jeanne also brought these beautiful, handmade beaded monograms. I think her daughter made them, but she can help you out if you want to try your hand at making some.

I have no idea who brought these gorgeous ribbon flower napkin rings, but I wouldn't mind a tutorial! Anybody care to claim them?

I have to admit, we were all in a little bit of awe when we saw these pumpkins Tiffany Milburn made at our committee meeting. She used real pumpkin stems and scraps of fabric. Oh, to be so creative!

Corine Cardona made these cute little pumpkins for our display. You could totally get this done before Thanksgiving!

The star of the evening were these turkeys made out of Oreo cookies, Hershey's Kisses, candy corn and sprinkles. I included a side detail for those of you trying to figure this one out. I'm sure Amber Driver wouldn't mind giving some advice if you need help.

OK, so that is the treasure trove of Thanksgiving ideas presented at our activity. Keep checking back. I'll have the pumpkin recipes up shortly as well as all of the wonderful Christmas place settings we had for you. Oh, and it probably wouldn't hurt to put up a picture of the journals that we made-just in case some of you couldn't make it to the activity, but still wanted to make a fun holiday keepsake.

Most importantly, we hope you made some new connections, got to know somebody better. The key to serving each other is knowing each other. We can do great things together!


  1. What darling ideas. I wish I could have attended. Thanks for sharing and also for making a blog to help everyone keep connected.

  2. Amy, these are beautiful pictures. thanks for posting them and getting this blog going!